Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ramdon Ramblings

Well hello everyone!
Hoping all is well!

I haven't blogged in a little while, since i seen Russell Howard.
No much has happened over here in EmzieLand.

 I didn't update last time, but I'm now single. I will go back to referring to my self as a triangle, Singular.. i don't know why, i said it years ago and it has stuck.

Finally after two years i have realised that J is a tool, and I'm better without him, to the relief of many of my friends.
Yes, i have met a boy already. Nothing to report, He's nice. JUST FRIENDS. We've been on two dates, he's lovely, quiet (unlike me) and seems to be a gentleman. Which if I'm honest i think i deserve.

Its hard to remember everything i have done since my last blog but I'll give it a go. I promise to get committed to writing on here more than a few times a month.
If you read it could you please just comment, or like my post on facebook or anything...

I've been ill again since my last post, i think i was ill then too. But I'm back in work, after my hearing i got a first written warning for sickness too.. :( sad times but oh well I'm not going to feel bad for being off ill i cant help it.

Last night i went to see Senses Fail with my oldest friend Danielle :) she is definitely my best friend there is a reason we have been friends for 16 years, and my pal Chelsea, it was epic, just the whole night was amazing, started off with a few drinks in our favorite pub in Liverpool town centre, Scream (The Hope and Anchor) Amaze!, in there me and Danielle had a few drinks (4 each, 2 shots for me) and some food, i had Lasagne, playing it safe because i know i like it so i didn't want to have something i wasn't sure on, with cheesy garlic bread, Danielle had....... a burger i think... with chips or something, Bad friend i don't even pay attention!

We then moved on to a pub called The Picture House, in here we met Chels, had a few more drinks. Now i would like to point out this place is quite great. The bar men are a bit pervy but you know, who isn't these days. Danielle got kissed by a very drunk over 60 years old man. :) this made us laugh. We where doing all we could to get free shots of the barmen.
This was a laugh, us co-ordinating cleavages in the toilets and trying to take pictures of Chelsea mid wee, was comical. The shots where sweet flavoured, mmmm, Pear drop, M&M, Jellybean, Drumstick, and more but i cant remember them. They where nice! We had about 6 shot roughly, i really don't remember.

We then headed over to the venue for the gig. Getting there just in time! Amazing!!!!!! Senses fail, I've been waiting for them to get over here for about 4 years? And it was worth it, had another drink, had a jump about, Chelsea got pushed over, then someone stood on her head:') Funny as, at the end we all got hugs of the sexy guitarist, and then we headed home, stopping for food, and so Danielle could lay on the floor. Pictures are on my faceboook :').
Great night!

We've booked tickets to go and see Slam Dunk again this year, haven't missed a year yet! 4 years running, This year's line up just got amazing, Framing Hanley, InnerPartySystem, Reel Big Fish! Ooft! gonna be amazing.

Also found out last night that the blackout and mayday parade and playing HUB this year, £8 a ticket for the weekend. Gonna be great!

My birthday is coming up! 26/03! cant wait!!!!
Gonna be 20teen! :D

I'm gonna do another post in a little bit with some random facts about me. So enjoy.

Logging off
Much Love.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The left over excitement of last night plus some exciting news......

Haven't written a proper blog in a while, I hope everyone is well? Yes? Good, i'll continue.

I haven't blogged in a while so i have lots to say, i'm going to give things a little heading :)

I finally got my letter for college, I'm officially into the admissions process for my course! It's very exciting, and it looks like things are picking up! I did the first stage yesterday, an exam (they call it a skills check) for Maths and English, i think it went well. Didn't really struggle, but seeing as i've been speaking English for 19 (20 in 37 days) years, and been working in a bank for the past 4 years it should have been easy. I felt really good walking back from the college, i got the bus for the 1st time in 2 years since i passed my driving test, and i've kinda' missed it. Was rather enjoyable, except for it being £1.80... Pfft? Whats that all about, the bus was going that was anyway whether i got it or not... Rip off i thinks. It was enjoyable sitting there listening to music, not having to think about driving :) I could get used to it :)

Mmm Yum Yum!
Yes scouse,  thats what i made for tea yesterday, it looks gorgeous and smelt it too, i didnt get to eat any because when i came home it had been all eaten up. Which in my eyes is a great sign :)

My daddy has been waiting for months to find out whether or not he is going to be made redundant (good thing) Yesterday was the day! I knew it would be i had this feeling that it was going to be the day, and i was right!
He called me up and told me to stop cooking the scouse (was too late at that point, it was very much in the process of being cooked..) because he was taking us all out for tea. Which meant he got the letter, he sounded so happy, i nearly cried. This is why things are picking up finally the Holland family are getting their own way!
Anyway, we didnt end up going out for a mean cause i had plans, so we're going to do it when he finished for good! 31st March 2011 baby!!
- I'll be gutted when he's off work constantly cause it means he's home and i cant just chill out with hollywood undead on really loud-

Russell Howard!
Thats right bizzaches, i went to see Mr. Russell Howard last night. He's so funny, helps that he isnt bad to look at!
Had a great time, with Katie, Danielle and Abbie. Few little drinkies and a laugh, just want you need really isnt it?
He's a comical genius! When he makes himself laugh and he can't go on to tell the joke, thats the best:) i could tell some of the jokes he did, but it would have the same effect - As i have learnt with people just looking at me blankly today when i was telling them-
Great night, and i would see him again, happily.

Framing Hanley Announced For Slam Dunk 2011!
This is the best news i have had all year (yes i'm aware its only February)
These are possibly one of my top all time bands, and they are playing possibly my favorite festival!
So thats all planned now, i'll be hitting that with my besties! :) Cannot wait, end of may roll on!
If anyone doesnt know who they are see the video:
(thanks to Framing Hanley for distracting me for over 5 minutes!)

Hmph, i had my hearing today in work for my attendance, because i have an unacceptable sickness record.
Went alright actually, find out whats gunna' happen on monday.

**This wasnt planned but while i am writing this my dog(Bella) is playing with a stone in the living room.. £100's we've spent on toys and she's occupied with a stone out of the garden...**

People who know me will know that i am obbsessed with socks, i love buying them! i just love it! i dont have them all over my house or anything i just like new socks.
I also HATE! socks with holes in, or odd socks. Really upset me!
This happened twice this morning, the joys of having a 11 month old puppy eh?

My Bella.
Just to update everyone on how my little B is doing. Shes fab, as usual. She's so big its unbelieveable. See for yourselves.

As a puppy puppy about 3 months



 Isnt she fab?


For anyone who doesnt know, i hate my phone, i have an iphone 4. And its a great phone, i just really really dont like it! It irritates me. I miss blackberry's so much. So today is the day i'm getting it sorted!
My Brothers contract is up, and he's going to get the Blackberry Torch for me, and he's going to have my iphone :D Yayy!!!
iPhone 4

BB Torch


Its Avon day tomorrow, my orders are all in and i'm just waiting for them to be delievered tomorrow i cant wait!!! I love it, its just christmas every month! :D

I think thats it really, all i wanted to say:)
Comment, Like, Anything :)

Love <3

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Rambling numero 2!

Hello Again,
Hoping your all enjoying the ramblings of a me :)
Before i get started on what to expect to night, i'd just like to say, is it national wear purple day?
I've seen so many people in purple today, and then without thinking i dressed myself in purple. Oh well, Who else is in purple today?!
Tonight i just really want to rant about my day.
I haven't done alot but i'm hoping it makes for good reading..
Comment if you can too, about what you'd like to see...

Hey Hey guess what all.
I love the moon, i think its gorgeous!
You can expect a full moon again on the 18th Feb :)

Today i went to work, boringgg!
We all got lectured by some woman no-one has any respect for.. :/
Then people where rude on the phone, as per usual.
I ranted about people who type like the following:
no pst 2day bt myb 2mrw.
I dont understand what is difficult about typing full words. It isnt hard!
This isnt me...
^^I'm like OMG^^
I think i may have called a new person an illiterate fuck at some point too....
People anger me at times. I'm a people person but at times i just want to scream at everyone to Shoo...
I'm not mean...
I love this cat!
After i finished work, i came home to an over excited puppy :) 
I love it when she is happy to see me :)
Just in case anyone forgot what she looks like follow the big arrow...

My mum and my doggy :)

Then i had a meeting with my Avon boss, Lisa. She's nice, she helps me.
I'm still all confused over what i need to do haha, but its okay i'm sure i'll manage :)

Ooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo!
My dress came!!!!
(Its my best pal's 21st a week on saturday, and my work party this saturday so i needed a dress and it came today:D)

Also my Russell Howard tickets came! :D

Thats about all i did, now i'm here writing this blog :)
Listening to Metallica - One.  If you don't know the song here is a link to the video, Give it a chance to start :) - The video is a bit disturbing, but just give the song a shot, the reason i like it so much is because i remember it... :/ And i'm a freek!

It makes me think of eating Domino's and drinking beer with my brother :) Them good times...


Matt my brother :)

Logging off.
Comment, Like, Whatever.
Much Love.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My first Ramblings

Well, Hello there.
This is a new experience, somewhere new to write random things and ramble.
I'll start by introducing my self...
I'm Emzie, (Emma) I'm 19 - 20 very soon, and the idea of ending my teen years scares the life out of me. Like i suddenly have to stop swearing and drinking excessively, Tho i know it won't happen....
I'm from Liverpool, (Yes i say things like, Lad, Mate, Sound, Innabit, kidda) I've lived here all my life, I’m proud of where i come from, my little home town. Yes i support Liverpool, i won't say anything more on that subject.

I live with my mummy and daddy, my older brother and my 10 month old fatty puppy Bella.

I love my puppy so much, stupid amounts in all fairness.
This probably is because I’ve always had a dog, and when I needed something to make me strong and keep me sane, she came along. I had my old dog Remy for 16 years, for as long as I can remember, and sadly we lost her September 2009. I don't wanna touch on this too much, but it was and still is the hardest thing I have dealt with, for 6 months I didn’t go home until everyone else was at home. I'd drive around, or stay in work. I couldn’t bring my self to go home to an empty home. This was until we got Bella, She's so amazing, so elegant and beautiful, I couldn’t help but fall in love with her and feel strong again, she is still my baby - and she gets treated like it even as a fully grown 10 month old puppy.
I work, I was full time, but not i only work 20 hours a week - unless there is overtime going :) then i will be working all the hours i can cram in! I work for a finance company, i like it, sometimes i HATE it, but then I’ll speak to someone and remember why i do my job. :)
I love my friends, they mean the world to me, the people who i can rely on and who i trust always. They are my world, i don’t know what I’d do if i lost any of them, now I’ve found my real friends, I’m not willing to let them go :)
I can drive :D I currently have a Citroen C3, but I’m hoping to upgrade soon, which is keeping me going working the overtime :D. I love to drive, its one of my favourite things, i love love love it. Nothing beats getting into the car and putting my foot down on the motorway to a good song, love it.
I have tattoo's 7 to be precise. I have two cherry blossoms, one on the outside of each wrist. 'S.K.P.M.E' and a paw print on the inside of my left wrist - its the initials of my mum, dad, two brothers and me, the paw print was for Remy, i got the tattoo just after she passed. A dice and 3 stars on the inside of my right wrist, 'Life Is Music' On my right ankle, and 'Carpe Diem' with a star/lightening bold on the back of my neck.
I'm still planning lots more.
I love music, everything about it, Singing, Dancing, Listening, i love going to gigs, i have my favourites like everyone else, but far far too many to mention. I love all types of music, and will listen to anything at all.
I'm not single (whayyy) I've been on and off with Derek (J) for coming up to two years 28/3/09. He's lovely, he keeps me going, makes me sane and insane at the same time. But he's rock, the one i fall back on when i need something :) He'd kill me for getting all soppy but i love him, with every ounce of me.

Me and the Girls

'Carpe Diem' on my neck


The Cherry Blossom on my right wrist

3 stars on the inside of my wrist


Bella being Naughty


S.K.P.M.E inside of left wrist

Cherry blossom on my left wrist

Dice on my right wrist

My Little Car :D

Life Is music

My big fat puppy :)



I cant think of anything else to say about me really, I'm sure you will all pick up on little things i do over time :)
That’s all for now...
Logging off :)