Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ramdon Ramblings

Well hello everyone!
Hoping all is well!

I haven't blogged in a little while, since i seen Russell Howard.
No much has happened over here in EmzieLand.

 I didn't update last time, but I'm now single. I will go back to referring to my self as a triangle, Singular.. i don't know why, i said it years ago and it has stuck.

Finally after two years i have realised that J is a tool, and I'm better without him, to the relief of many of my friends.
Yes, i have met a boy already. Nothing to report, He's nice. JUST FRIENDS. We've been on two dates, he's lovely, quiet (unlike me) and seems to be a gentleman. Which if I'm honest i think i deserve.

Its hard to remember everything i have done since my last blog but I'll give it a go. I promise to get committed to writing on here more than a few times a month.
If you read it could you please just comment, or like my post on facebook or anything...

I've been ill again since my last post, i think i was ill then too. But I'm back in work, after my hearing i got a first written warning for sickness too.. :( sad times but oh well I'm not going to feel bad for being off ill i cant help it.

Last night i went to see Senses Fail with my oldest friend Danielle :) she is definitely my best friend there is a reason we have been friends for 16 years, and my pal Chelsea, it was epic, just the whole night was amazing, started off with a few drinks in our favorite pub in Liverpool town centre, Scream (The Hope and Anchor) Amaze!, in there me and Danielle had a few drinks (4 each, 2 shots for me) and some food, i had Lasagne, playing it safe because i know i like it so i didn't want to have something i wasn't sure on, with cheesy garlic bread, Danielle had....... a burger i think... with chips or something, Bad friend i don't even pay attention!

We then moved on to a pub called The Picture House, in here we met Chels, had a few more drinks. Now i would like to point out this place is quite great. The bar men are a bit pervy but you know, who isn't these days. Danielle got kissed by a very drunk over 60 years old man. :) this made us laugh. We where doing all we could to get free shots of the barmen.
This was a laugh, us co-ordinating cleavages in the toilets and trying to take pictures of Chelsea mid wee, was comical. The shots where sweet flavoured, mmmm, Pear drop, M&M, Jellybean, Drumstick, and more but i cant remember them. They where nice! We had about 6 shot roughly, i really don't remember.

We then headed over to the venue for the gig. Getting there just in time! Amazing!!!!!! Senses fail, I've been waiting for them to get over here for about 4 years? And it was worth it, had another drink, had a jump about, Chelsea got pushed over, then someone stood on her head:') Funny as, at the end we all got hugs of the sexy guitarist, and then we headed home, stopping for food, and so Danielle could lay on the floor. Pictures are on my faceboook :').
Great night!

We've booked tickets to go and see Slam Dunk again this year, haven't missed a year yet! 4 years running, This year's line up just got amazing, Framing Hanley, InnerPartySystem, Reel Big Fish! Ooft! gonna be amazing.

Also found out last night that the blackout and mayday parade and playing HUB this year, £8 a ticket for the weekend. Gonna be great!

My birthday is coming up! 26/03! cant wait!!!!
Gonna be 20teen! :D

I'm gonna do another post in a little bit with some random facts about me. So enjoy.

Logging off
Much Love.

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