Thursday, 5 July 2012

Wowza! Long time!

Well, hello all.

It has apparently been more than a year since I last blogged? How has it been so long?
I don't exactly know where I am going with this one. Maybe chat on about life in general.

The last time I blogged I was in a bad place, I was down a lot and stuff. Since then, I've started college, made some amazing friends who I don't think I could live without. I'm gonna' dedicate a little section to them and go from there.

To the people who have helped me morph into who I am now, thank you. Without the constant support and the numerous drinks you have supplied me with, I don't know where i would be today. All the laughs we have had have honestly made me so much stronger and helped be get over all the things that where keeping me down, so just a little dedication to you guys.

Thank you!
(To Ray, Claire, Mary, Danielle, Ellie, Rachael, Liam)

Since starting college, I have only really thought about one thing, that's following my dream and going to university. Recently I've been accepted by the amazing University of Southampton, and i am so excited to go there.
Its a beautiful city that totally embodies everything I need around me. The beautiful sea front, and the docks where I can see all the nice big ships coming and going.
The amazing country side (which I know is there I just haven't had chance to find). The perfect city life, including all the shops a girl needs and that amazing nightlife. Southampton has one downfall, and that is that my family and my closest friends cannot come with me, I am looking forward to a nice fresh start and to making new friends and meeting new people, but I will miss what I have here at home. It is only 3 years though, if I miss home that much I can come home at the end of those years.
I've talked about the uni, but not the course. I will be training to be a nurse, those of you who are reading this and know me will know how this profession fits everything I've ever wanted in life. Recently through work I've realised that not a lot will drive me to do well, money doesn't anyway. What does make me happy, and what does drive me is helping people, not in any way what so ever, in all ways.
Those of you know don't know me, probably won't care either way, but thank you anyway for reading about my boring life :).

Like I said I don't know where I was going with this one, its really just to catch up with how things are in my life... pretty awesome if you ask me.

As always I need to say that my friends and my family are my life, I've gotten through so much thanks to them and them alone. So thank you all for that.

I will write again soon. VERY soon!

EmzieChar  - Oh yes, I've got a new nickname now, this is what I will refer to myself as at the end of my posts.