Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Rambling numero 2!

Hello Again,
Hoping your all enjoying the ramblings of a me :)
Before i get started on what to expect to night, i'd just like to say, is it national wear purple day?
I've seen so many people in purple today, and then without thinking i dressed myself in purple. Oh well, Who else is in purple today?!
Tonight i just really want to rant about my day.
I haven't done alot but i'm hoping it makes for good reading..
Comment if you can too, about what you'd like to see...

Hey Hey guess what all.
I love the moon, i think its gorgeous!
You can expect a full moon again on the 18th Feb :)

Today i went to work, boringgg!
We all got lectured by some woman no-one has any respect for.. :/
Then people where rude on the phone, as per usual.
I ranted about people who type like the following:
no pst 2day bt myb 2mrw.
I dont understand what is difficult about typing full words. It isnt hard!
This isnt me...
^^I'm like OMG^^
I think i may have called a new person an illiterate fuck at some point too....
People anger me at times. I'm a people person but at times i just want to scream at everyone to Shoo...
I'm not mean...
I love this cat!
After i finished work, i came home to an over excited puppy :) 
I love it when she is happy to see me :)
Just in case anyone forgot what she looks like follow the big arrow...

My mum and my doggy :)

Then i had a meeting with my Avon boss, Lisa. She's nice, she helps me.
I'm still all confused over what i need to do haha, but its okay i'm sure i'll manage :)

Ooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo!
My dress came!!!!
(Its my best pal's 21st a week on saturday, and my work party this saturday so i needed a dress and it came today:D)

Also my Russell Howard tickets came! :D

Thats about all i did, now i'm here writing this blog :)
Listening to Metallica - One.  If you don't know the song here is a link to the video, Give it a chance to start :) - The video is a bit disturbing, but just give the song a shot, the reason i like it so much is because i remember it... :/ And i'm a freek!

It makes me think of eating Domino's and drinking beer with my brother :) Them good times...


Matt my brother :)

Logging off.
Comment, Like, Whatever.
Much Love.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My first Ramblings

Well, Hello there.
This is a new experience, somewhere new to write random things and ramble.
I'll start by introducing my self...
I'm Emzie, (Emma) I'm 19 - 20 very soon, and the idea of ending my teen years scares the life out of me. Like i suddenly have to stop swearing and drinking excessively, Tho i know it won't happen....
I'm from Liverpool, (Yes i say things like, Lad, Mate, Sound, Innabit, kidda) I've lived here all my life, I’m proud of where i come from, my little home town. Yes i support Liverpool, i won't say anything more on that subject.

I live with my mummy and daddy, my older brother and my 10 month old fatty puppy Bella.

I love my puppy so much, stupid amounts in all fairness.
This probably is because I’ve always had a dog, and when I needed something to make me strong and keep me sane, she came along. I had my old dog Remy for 16 years, for as long as I can remember, and sadly we lost her September 2009. I don't wanna touch on this too much, but it was and still is the hardest thing I have dealt with, for 6 months I didn’t go home until everyone else was at home. I'd drive around, or stay in work. I couldn’t bring my self to go home to an empty home. This was until we got Bella, She's so amazing, so elegant and beautiful, I couldn’t help but fall in love with her and feel strong again, she is still my baby - and she gets treated like it even as a fully grown 10 month old puppy.
I work, I was full time, but not i only work 20 hours a week - unless there is overtime going :) then i will be working all the hours i can cram in! I work for a finance company, i like it, sometimes i HATE it, but then I’ll speak to someone and remember why i do my job. :)
I love my friends, they mean the world to me, the people who i can rely on and who i trust always. They are my world, i don’t know what I’d do if i lost any of them, now I’ve found my real friends, I’m not willing to let them go :)
I can drive :D I currently have a Citroen C3, but I’m hoping to upgrade soon, which is keeping me going working the overtime :D. I love to drive, its one of my favourite things, i love love love it. Nothing beats getting into the car and putting my foot down on the motorway to a good song, love it.
I have tattoo's 7 to be precise. I have two cherry blossoms, one on the outside of each wrist. 'S.K.P.M.E' and a paw print on the inside of my left wrist - its the initials of my mum, dad, two brothers and me, the paw print was for Remy, i got the tattoo just after she passed. A dice and 3 stars on the inside of my right wrist, 'Life Is Music' On my right ankle, and 'Carpe Diem' with a star/lightening bold on the back of my neck.
I'm still planning lots more.
I love music, everything about it, Singing, Dancing, Listening, i love going to gigs, i have my favourites like everyone else, but far far too many to mention. I love all types of music, and will listen to anything at all.
I'm not single (whayyy) I've been on and off with Derek (J) for coming up to two years 28/3/09. He's lovely, he keeps me going, makes me sane and insane at the same time. But he's rock, the one i fall back on when i need something :) He'd kill me for getting all soppy but i love him, with every ounce of me.

Me and the Girls

'Carpe Diem' on my neck


The Cherry Blossom on my right wrist

3 stars on the inside of my wrist


Bella being Naughty


S.K.P.M.E inside of left wrist

Cherry blossom on my left wrist

Dice on my right wrist

My Little Car :D

Life Is music

My big fat puppy :)



I cant think of anything else to say about me really, I'm sure you will all pick up on little things i do over time :)
That’s all for now...
Logging off :)