Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Rambling numero 2!

Hello Again,
Hoping your all enjoying the ramblings of a me :)
Before i get started on what to expect to night, i'd just like to say, is it national wear purple day?
I've seen so many people in purple today, and then without thinking i dressed myself in purple. Oh well, Who else is in purple today?!
Tonight i just really want to rant about my day.
I haven't done alot but i'm hoping it makes for good reading..
Comment if you can too, about what you'd like to see...

Hey Hey guess what all.
I love the moon, i think its gorgeous!
You can expect a full moon again on the 18th Feb :)

Today i went to work, boringgg!
We all got lectured by some woman no-one has any respect for.. :/
Then people where rude on the phone, as per usual.
I ranted about people who type like the following:
no pst 2day bt myb 2mrw.
I dont understand what is difficult about typing full words. It isnt hard!
This isnt me...
^^I'm like OMG^^
I think i may have called a new person an illiterate fuck at some point too....
People anger me at times. I'm a people person but at times i just want to scream at everyone to Shoo...
I'm not mean...
I love this cat!
After i finished work, i came home to an over excited puppy :) 
I love it when she is happy to see me :)
Just in case anyone forgot what she looks like follow the big arrow...

My mum and my doggy :)

Then i had a meeting with my Avon boss, Lisa. She's nice, she helps me.
I'm still all confused over what i need to do haha, but its okay i'm sure i'll manage :)

Ooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo!
My dress came!!!!
(Its my best pal's 21st a week on saturday, and my work party this saturday so i needed a dress and it came today:D)

Also my Russell Howard tickets came! :D

Thats about all i did, now i'm here writing this blog :)
Listening to Metallica - One.  If you don't know the song here is a link to the video, Give it a chance to start :) - The video is a bit disturbing, but just give the song a shot, the reason i like it so much is because i remember it... :/ And i'm a freek!

It makes me think of eating Domino's and drinking beer with my brother :) Them good times...


Matt my brother :)

Logging off.
Comment, Like, Whatever.
Much Love.

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  1. LOVE the dress , very nice.
    So jealous of you going to see Russell Howard :( header looks good x x