Thursday, 17 February 2011

The left over excitement of last night plus some exciting news......

Haven't written a proper blog in a while, I hope everyone is well? Yes? Good, i'll continue.

I haven't blogged in a while so i have lots to say, i'm going to give things a little heading :)

I finally got my letter for college, I'm officially into the admissions process for my course! It's very exciting, and it looks like things are picking up! I did the first stage yesterday, an exam (they call it a skills check) for Maths and English, i think it went well. Didn't really struggle, but seeing as i've been speaking English for 19 (20 in 37 days) years, and been working in a bank for the past 4 years it should have been easy. I felt really good walking back from the college, i got the bus for the 1st time in 2 years since i passed my driving test, and i've kinda' missed it. Was rather enjoyable, except for it being £1.80... Pfft? Whats that all about, the bus was going that was anyway whether i got it or not... Rip off i thinks. It was enjoyable sitting there listening to music, not having to think about driving :) I could get used to it :)

Mmm Yum Yum!
Yes scouse,  thats what i made for tea yesterday, it looks gorgeous and smelt it too, i didnt get to eat any because when i came home it had been all eaten up. Which in my eyes is a great sign :)

My daddy has been waiting for months to find out whether or not he is going to be made redundant (good thing) Yesterday was the day! I knew it would be i had this feeling that it was going to be the day, and i was right!
He called me up and told me to stop cooking the scouse (was too late at that point, it was very much in the process of being cooked..) because he was taking us all out for tea. Which meant he got the letter, he sounded so happy, i nearly cried. This is why things are picking up finally the Holland family are getting their own way!
Anyway, we didnt end up going out for a mean cause i had plans, so we're going to do it when he finished for good! 31st March 2011 baby!!
- I'll be gutted when he's off work constantly cause it means he's home and i cant just chill out with hollywood undead on really loud-

Russell Howard!
Thats right bizzaches, i went to see Mr. Russell Howard last night. He's so funny, helps that he isnt bad to look at!
Had a great time, with Katie, Danielle and Abbie. Few little drinkies and a laugh, just want you need really isnt it?
He's a comical genius! When he makes himself laugh and he can't go on to tell the joke, thats the best:) i could tell some of the jokes he did, but it would have the same effect - As i have learnt with people just looking at me blankly today when i was telling them-
Great night, and i would see him again, happily.

Framing Hanley Announced For Slam Dunk 2011!
This is the best news i have had all year (yes i'm aware its only February)
These are possibly one of my top all time bands, and they are playing possibly my favorite festival!
So thats all planned now, i'll be hitting that with my besties! :) Cannot wait, end of may roll on!
If anyone doesnt know who they are see the video:
(thanks to Framing Hanley for distracting me for over 5 minutes!)

Hmph, i had my hearing today in work for my attendance, because i have an unacceptable sickness record.
Went alright actually, find out whats gunna' happen on monday.

**This wasnt planned but while i am writing this my dog(Bella) is playing with a stone in the living room.. £100's we've spent on toys and she's occupied with a stone out of the garden...**

People who know me will know that i am obbsessed with socks, i love buying them! i just love it! i dont have them all over my house or anything i just like new socks.
I also HATE! socks with holes in, or odd socks. Really upset me!
This happened twice this morning, the joys of having a 11 month old puppy eh?

My Bella.
Just to update everyone on how my little B is doing. Shes fab, as usual. She's so big its unbelieveable. See for yourselves.

As a puppy puppy about 3 months



 Isnt she fab?


For anyone who doesnt know, i hate my phone, i have an iphone 4. And its a great phone, i just really really dont like it! It irritates me. I miss blackberry's so much. So today is the day i'm getting it sorted!
My Brothers contract is up, and he's going to get the Blackberry Torch for me, and he's going to have my iphone :D Yayy!!!
iPhone 4

BB Torch


Its Avon day tomorrow, my orders are all in and i'm just waiting for them to be delievered tomorrow i cant wait!!! I love it, its just christmas every month! :D

I think thats it really, all i wanted to say:)
Comment, Like, Anything :)

Love <3

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