Tuesday, 24 July 2012


So hello all,

Just thought I would pop in to say... howdy... My keyboard is a gimboid so please allow for numerous spelling mistakes.

How is everyone?

Below is an update, of my life over the past week or so.

I'm still off work, still not feeling 100%; chest is still bad, still coughing, not sleeping - which of course is amazing... Not.


I went down to Southampton for an open day at uni on Thursday. It was amazing, if I wasn't excited before - which I was - I most definitely am now.

We got loads of information, about the course and stuff. There is a Facebook group which I have joined which is especially for the nursing students of 2012 starting at soton uni :D

We started the day off with an introduction from some of the tutors, and it’s good to put names to faces and see who it is that will be teaching us.

Then we had a lecture from the director of programmes, she was FASCINATING. She talked about the changes a woman's body undergoes just before giving birth, which of course I knew from college but still I was amazed.

We were then given the chance to ask some students already on the course, and some that had just graduated some questions, and because I didn’t have a pen and paper at the point I have to take notes on my phone, which made me feel terrible like I wasn’t listening.

After that we had a little break, and then went back in. We had the most interesting lecture ever, which was an interactive learning session, were us, as the audience got to direct how a scene played out. I am so interested in this become part of my every week learning!

We then had our lunch and a session aptly named simman took place. This is - as it sounds - all about simulations. We sat down and watched as current nursing students treated a patient named Sam. He of course wasn't real but he was basically a dummy. It is strange calling him that as he's so sophisticated, and genuinely a state of the art piece of equipment.

After that we split into smaller groups and really got to know each other, we had to do a task called daily mail, where we picked out a headline and had to analyse it and document why we felt the way we did about it and so on.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. I met some amazing people, whom I simply cannot wait to meet again.


So not much has been happening at home lately, Bella has been ill over the past few days, and she is so sleepy, which is sad, but I’m sure she will be okay.


Just started to read that 50 Shades of Grey, and my my it isn’t what I expected at all. People talk about it all the time so I wanted to read it so I could say, well actually no it’s terrible, but it really isn’t.

If you don’t want to know what happens do not read what’s below in green:

It is basically about a young woman, who does an interview with a billionaire and falls madly in love with him, the 3 books are all about the challenges that their relationship faces. Of course as most people will know the book is based strongly around Christian Grey’s obsession with BDSM (BD (Bondage & Discipline), DS (Dominance & Submission), and SM (Sadism & Masochism). Now when people described the book to me, I thought it was all going to be about this, and be filthy, now it does have its moments but of course, most relationships are about sex. It is nowhere near as detailed and rude as I expected it to be, which makes the fast that my mother is reading it a lot easier. The book isn’t about sex, it’s about love, and the sacrifices people will make for those who they love. And it’s a really nice series of books to read. A friend commented yesterday and said that I’d funnier since I’ve read it. And him himself has read it and said it gave him an insight on how women feel, and Anastasia is just a normal woman when she meets him.

 I think the book needs to be given a chance by people, men and women so that they can judge it on how it is written not, what it touches on ever so lightly. Personally I think a high five should go to the author. So E. L. James any chance of getting this arranged?


As you may know, my best friend graduated last week, I’m so insanely proud of her, she has come so far, and to think she has changed and grown so much from the girl I used to know in school, she’s grown into a fantastic powerful, strong and inspiring young lady, and I really think that if anyone is capable of world domination it’s her. I love this girl with all my heart, and I no longer just see her as my friend, she’s like a sister to me, and I know that no matter what I need she will always be there. Danielle, I’m proud of you, I know I’ve said it a million times but it is true, you are an inspiration, never forget that. – I’m likely to get punched for writing that, but I don’t care. This is my blog, and somewhere I can come to rant and rave and be passionate about people and things that matter to me. And yes D you are one of them people who matters.

I finished college a few weeks ago and went on Friday to pick up my results, which I am very very happy with, so I decided to reward myself, I’ve bought myself, THE most fabulous Pauls Boutique bag – picture below. I purposely picked it out that that it is big enough to hold all of my uni stuff when I’m heading in for a lecture.

There isn’t anything else I can really write about, please feel free to follow me on twitter if you aren’t already, and to of course comment on here if there is anything you would like
to see me write about.

This makes me laugh --->

For now,

Peace out.


E x

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